A Note From Lauren: Mother's Day

Mother's Day means different things for different people. We're excited to celebrate all the amazing mamas out there, but we know it's a hard day for many, too. Let's celebrate the amazing moms in our lives and remember to celebrate yourself! We asked Lauren, co-founder of Magnetic Me, to share a little bit about her own life as a mom, and as a daughter. 

Who are you?

I'm Lauren, I try to create practical things that makes people’s lives better (magnetic baby clothing), and I am mother to Ari, Mimi & Leora.

What does motherhood mean to you?

Motherhood means opening my mouth and (proudly) hearing my mother come out…and therefore her mom, and her mom, etc. It’s my connection to all the wise women who have come before me who set me on the path I’m on today. I will do the same for my children and they for theirs I hope.

What’s something you hope to teach your little ones? 

We have a mantra that I repeat with them often, “Because I am brave and strong, smart and nice”. These 4 traits are everything I want them to internalize and then become in life.

How has your own mom impacted you as a mom?

My mother was a trailblazer in many ways. She was a single parent, owned real estate on her own, was a computer programmer in a field that was male-dominated, was an entrepreneur, a world traveler and intellectually curious in so many interesting ways, and capable beyond measure. I got to see this up close and took it all in. As her side kick, I got to experience things that not many kids got to, and that has totally shaped my world view. If I could give a tiny bit of what I learned from my mom to my children, I would be happy.

What’s one of your favorite memories with your mom?

Before my mother got sick, we took one last big family trip to Alaska together on a cruise. One afternoon, the only one that wasn’t rainy on the whole trip, she and I went for a walk in the small town of Ketchikan. We bumped into a family pushing a stroller and the baby was wearing Magnetic Me (! My mom was our VP of Operations at the time and we were beaming with pride. We took pictures of us together and with the baby (see the photo below).  What an amazing day.

What’s one of your favorite memories as a mom?

I am making them now! I know how fast it goes and I try to drink it in – every hug, every cry, every first, every everything!

What’s your mom superpower?

It took us 3 years to get pregnant and because I know how precious my 3 gifts are, patience is my superpower

If you could say one thing to all the mamas in the world, what would it be?

You have the most important job in the world and you are doing great!





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