Behind The Print: Easy Rider


Behind the Print: Easy Rider

Did you know buying a Magnetic Me outfit in one of our exclusive seasonal prints is like buying a limited-edition print of one-of-a-kind art? You’re not only getting an adorable everyday outfit for your babe – you’re also supporting female artists and designers who are passionate about bringing art and joy into the world.

Our behind the print series gives you a behind-the-scenes look at our print designing and curating process. You’ll meet the artists behind the one-of-a-kind prints and learn what inspires these creative women to create. To continue the series, it's raining dogs and... dogs! Meet another puppy-filled print, Easy Rider, and the print's incredible artist, Caroline Bikini sous la Pluie! 

Artist: Caroline Bikini sous la Pluie

Print: Easy Rider

Q: Caroline, we'd love to learn more about you and your background! 

I’m Caroline Bikini sous la Pluie and I’m a French surface pattern designer. After studying and earning my stripes in Paris for 10 years, I now live and work in the dynamic city of Nantes, in the west part of France.

Every day, I ride my bike to go to my light-filled workspace that I share with a bunch of creative people. I’m currently working in fashion, kidswear, stationery, and home decor. 

My style is graphic with a vintage touch. I love to play with colors and to tell stories through figurative patterns.

Q: What's the inspiration for the Easy Rider print and what's your source of inspiration more generally?

Drawing dogs and pets is one of my favorite things to do in my job so I like to imagine them in all kinds of situations.  And I’m also a huge fan of all kinds of vintage vehicles!

Generally, my inspiration can come from everywhere but it’s always a kind of mystery to me. Sometimes, it just pops up in insignificant details of my everyday life.

For example, inspiration can literally come from something like a stain with a weird shape, and other times I have to make room for it, to allow it to appear. It's a kind of digestion process of the world that surrounds me, and it can take more or less time.

Q: How does it feel to know this print is out existing as living art in the world?

I’m super happy to see my fun drivers on little ones’ pajamas! It makes them a bit more alive! I really hope this print will make people smile and that it will bring them a little bit of joy in their everyday life. 

Check out Caroline's exclusive puppy print here! Easy Rider comes in our silky-soft (and sustainable) modal fabric and is offered in toddler jammies, footies, bodysuits, and more. 

Easy Rider in the wild
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