Behind The Print: My Perfect Selfie


Behind the Print: My Perfect Selfie

Did you know buying a Magnetic Me outfit in one of our exclusive seasonal prints is like buying a limited-edition print of one-of-a-kind art? You’re not only getting an adorable everyday outfit for your babe – you’re also supporting female artists and designers who are passionate about bringing art and joy into the world.

Our behind the print series gives you a behind-the-scenes look at our print designing and curating process. You’ll meet the artists behind unique prints and learn what inspires these creative women to create. Next up in the series? Introducing our picture perfect print, My Perfect Selfie, and the print's amazing creator, Jillian Philips

Artist: Jillian Philips
Print: My Perfect Selfie

Q: Jillian, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

I’m an illustrator and surface pattern designer living on the south coast of England with my little dachshund Bertie. I studied Fashion at College but soon after leaving I realized my true vocation was to be a print designer. I would love to spend the rest of my life painting, creating and designing as much as possible.

Q: What inspired you to create My Perfect Selfie? 

I’ve been a fan of old cameras since I was a child, my Dad was a professional photographer, so I grew up around lots of different cameras and books about them, so I think I must be influenced by those memories!

I wanted it to have a nostalgic feel, but with a modern edge. Drawing it with Copic brush pens gives it a different look and lightness.

Q: How does it feel to know this print is out existing as living art in the world?

Even after 20 years of doing my job, I still get excited to see prints on products. It’s so fulfilling and just makes me want to create more!

Q: What are your sources of inspiration as an artist? 

In normal times, (pre-Covid), I love to travel to Japan, Europe and the US to get inspired. I think it’s important to seek inspiration from lots of different sources. It’s something I’ve sorely missed this past year. This year, I’ve been absorbing as much as I can from the nature around me.

Q: Can you tell us about your process? How do you come up with print ideas?

Usually, I start with a new sketchbook, I get all my paints and pencils out and just start to make marks, shapes, and see what flows. Then I’ll go through resource books, look on instagram, sometimes pinterest. I try not to spend too much time looking at other pattern designers, but it’s lovely to see other people’s studios, sketchbooks and things they are trying out.

Then I’ll go back through my sketchbook and start creating art from the elements I’ve drawn or painted. I have a tendency to go off on different tangents and it’s useful to write a list of categories to cover!

Check out Jillian's exclusive print here! My Perfect Selfie is a special capsule collection and comes in our silky-soft (and sustainable) modal fabric. This one is offered in footies, coveralls, and blanket & hat accessories!

My Perfect Selfie in the wild
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