Behind The Print: Soluna


soluna - magnetic me


Did you know buying a Magnetic Me outfit in one of our exclusive seasonal prints is like buying a limited-edition print of one-of-a-kind art? You’re not only getting an adorable everyday outfit for your babe – you’re also supporting female artists and designers who are passionate about bringing art and joy into the world.

Our Behind The Print series gives you an intimate look at the artist's design and our curating process. You’ll meet the artists behind the prints and learn what inspires these creative women to create. 

Who's up next? Meet Stephanie Piogé, the incredibly talented artist who created our Soluna print.

Artist behind soluna - magnetic me

Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

I am Stéphanie Piogé, I’m French and I am the founder and creative director of the Girlgang Design. I graduated from Duperré in Paris and founded the company after 15 years in the fashion industry. During 5 years, I ran my own children’s clothing brand called NO KIDDING.

These experiences led me to understand how difficult it is for brands to emerge in an increasingly competitive industry. And I am happy today to be able to help them stand out from the crowd, thanks to my drawings. 

I used to work from a nice office with a great view of the Sacré Coeur in Paris. But, I finally moved to the countryside near Fontainebleau just before COVID—I’d say I’ve never regretted it. 🙂

Q: What about your source of inspiration as an artist? 

I like to draw with an inspiration from just about anywhere. I spend a lot of time on Instagram or Pinterest and I go to graphic bookstores where I buy any book that speaks to me. I go to exhibitions, do a lot of observing around me, and am lucky enough to live near nature—so I walk a lot in the forest and near the river. From there, I go back to my bubble and put together all the things that I have liked lately, finding bridges between each of them.

Q: What was your inspiration for the Soluna print?

Soluna was inspired by a Spanish phrase that my aunt used to say to me: "La luna se llama Lola y el sol, Manuel". She used to say that it was the first sentence of a poem she had learned at school and had forgotten all the other sentences.

It is therefore a meeting between the universe of the moon, graphic, lined and monochrome, and the universe of the sun, colored and thicker in the line. I really like the way these two universes cohabit.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about your design process?

I try to force myself to sketch, but most of the time I start from scratch with a color and a brush that I like. Unless I have a specific idea, I mostly draw on the iPad. I never really know where I want to go before I start, I just have a few flashes and ideas. After a while, things fall into place and I "feel" that I'm on the right track.

Q: How does it make you feel to know this print is out existing as living art in the world? What feelings or emotions do you hope this print evokes? 

I love the idea! In fact, I'm going to buy one piece for my three little girls right now :) After me, my drawings live their own life and I love the idea that everyone can make them their own and see what they want. I like that it conveys happiness, pleasure, interest, and beauty. That someone says "Oh how beautiful this design is, it's the one I want!"

Q: Tell us a bit more about yourself – a few fun facts, perhaps? 

I am expecting my third child, my third little girl in October. I also have a 1-year-old Australian Shepherd. I am lucky enough to work from home where I have set up a nice office that I fill with illustrations on the walls and books for inspiration.  

I am very lucky to be doing this job that I love and I hope to renew myself enough to keep doing it for a long time!