Behind The Seams: Simply Magnetic Me's Fabrics


A deep dive into the fabrics we use, which are more responsible alternatives to conventional fibers. 


For us, it starts with magnets. The next best *and equally as* important thing? Fabric. 


Both of the fabrics we use at Simply Magnetic Me fall in lockstep with our sustainability promise: we believe making good decisions for you and your family means making good decisions for our planet. By using fabrics that are gentle and safe on your skin and reduce environmental harm, we help you prioritize the health of your crew and the planet, too.




cloud stretch - simply magnetic me and magnetic me


Let's get acquainted with our brand new, innovative fabric that is lightweight, ultra soft, and as the name implies, has just the right amount of stretch for movement and comfort.


CloudStretch™ is inspired by the desire for a fabric with additional stretch, while still having the softness of Simply's signature organic cotton. So, we blended it with long-lasting TENCEL™ modal, and what we came up with was nothing short of amazing with the perfect mix of soft, stretch, and comfort.



Benefits for you and the planet:


It's sustainably sourced. CloudStretch™ is composed of two of the best fabrics for our planet: TENCEL™ modal that's sustainably sourced from beechwood trees and organic cotton.


4-way stretch. This fabric lets you move the way you want with unrestricted motion when rolling around, lounging, or playing all day.


It's breathable. CloudStretch™ fibers let your skin breathe and react to your body temperature to cool you down or warm you up when you need it the most.

Comfort is key. Put all of these benefits together and you've got a lightweight, wear-anywhere go-to that is most definitely in your comfort zone.




organic cotton - simply magnetic me


Using organic cotton means cleaner and lower water usage, lower pesticide use, healthier soil, and a safer working environment for cotton farmers, compared to conventional cotton production. Feel comfort in the fact that many of our styles made of organic cotton are certified by GOTS—the very best, safest processing standard in the world. 


organic cotton GOTS - fabric icon - simply magnetic me and magnetic me


Benefits for you and the planet:


Gentle on skin. High-quality, organic cotton is naturally hypoallergenic, so it's gentle on the most delicate skin. Plus, it's breathable, comfortable, and soft.


Grown the natural way. GOTS standards require that cotton is at least 95% organic, woven with fibers that are grown the natural way without the use of pesticides, herbicides, harsh chemicals or GMOs. 


Healthy for our ecosystem. Organic agriculture practices a safe production process that sustains the health of ecosystems, soils, and people.


Clean and safe production. Very stringent criteria is used for pre-treatment, dyes, and oils. They must be biodegradable & free of harsh chemicals. Ammonia treatment, allergenic dyes, carcinogenic and suspected carcinogenic colorants, as well as dyes containing heavy metal are strictly prohibited.


Promotes safer working conditions. Facilities must maintain fair labor practices at all times—hygienic working conditions, fair wages, no discrimination, child labor or excessive hours.