Part 2: The Magnetic Me Story

2013 - Growing Pains!

After moving HQ from Lauren’s Upper West Side studio to her new 1 bedroom, Lauren’s also new husband decides it’s time for the business (and the inventory) to find a new home. All the inventory goes to a new New Jersey warehouse and the upstart moves to Lawrence’s 2 bedroom apartment. With one employee and an intern in tow, Lawrence’s new wife ultimately asks us to find a new office.

Magnetic Me - small business hurricane sandy

helping with customer service during Hurricane Sandy in the 1 bedroom

Our first official office space is in the garment district but before the move, Lauren gets a feature in the New York Times about working from home.

 New York Times - Magnetic Me Feature Magnetic Me First Showroom 

First showroom in NYC’s garment district

Oh Baby (Royal & Magnificent!)

Sitting in our (tiny) new office, we hear the news that Kate Middleton is expecting. With Lawrence’s wife expecting and Lauren too, Lauren comes up with the idea for An Heir is Born, a collection celebrating the new generation of royals and our own little heirs. The collection sells out and gets international attention. Lawrence’s heir Sam is born February 1, Lauren’s heir Ari is born May 1 and Kate’s heir Prince George is born July 22. To learn more about our royal baby collection, read on here.

2014 - Product Expansion

Magnetic Me Toddler Clothes

The team knows how to make magnetic fastening clothing really well and adds toddler play clothes raincoats and wrist rattles to the line. The new additions work fabulously well and look great but not enough people know about us yet so we put these new additions on ice with the intention of re-introducing them when the time is right. We re-focus on growing our layette line.

Shark Tank - Magnetic Me

Swimming with the Sharks 

Lauren, now pregnant with twins, and Lawrence are cast on the hit TV show Shark Tank. They fly out to LA and tape the show at ABC Studios in Culver City. Going before Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Lori Grenier, Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec, Lauren & Lawrence nail all of their lines, remember their numbers and answer everyone’s questions perfectly. There were no insults hurled, no wild accusations, no surprises and certainly no tears. It was, in reality, a very boring segment. While the sharks liked the product, they didn’t like that our product was still patent-pending and they said we didn’t need the money. No deal was made and the segment never aired. Lauren & Lawrence kick themselves immediately after for not making a bigger spectacle to get some TV time but after much reflection, is grateful that it worked out like it did. 

Lauren Levy Twin Girls Baby Cute Magnetic Fastener Clothes

End of 2014, Lauren has twins! 

 Stay tuned for part 3, our final installment!