Blog 3: The Magnetic Me Story




smart close by magnificent baby logo

Magnificent Baby moves to Smart Close by Magnificent Baby 



4moms, another innovation-led baby company, debuts a magnetic high chair. 4moms partners magnetic me on bibs to celebrate its launch.

4moms partnership

4moms partnership

The company continues to innovate with new fabrics & colors. Here’re a few favorites! 

ombre fleece magnetic me baby cozy winter

Ombre Fleece

cable knot sweater baby magnetic me cozy winter



Magnificent Baby becomes Magnetic Me and launches a new website -  The company rolls out 52 new collections of gorgeous prints in eco-friendly fabrics, organic cotton and modal.

2018/ 2019

Busting out of our tiny showroom, Magnetic Me moves one block north to our new showroom. 



New office

We launch another new and improved website with loads of new offerings like our cute (and crazy soft!) dress line. Our team grows from 5 to 11. Fun celebrity sightings on instagram pop up too like Macklemore, Adam Levine, Carrie Underwood, Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper.

Magnetic Me Team

Friday Funday partial team pic

In 2020 we launch our long awaited toddler pj's, nursing wear for mamas and solid colors in layette. Magnetic Me is picked up by Saks, Bloomingdales and Macy's.   

The team also gets to do extensive travel across Asia and Lauren's favorite, trend shopping in Paris!




Sadly, COVID-19 starts affecting our factories towards the end of 2019. By the end of February 2020, Lauren, who lives in the neighborhood of NYC's patient zero, goes into quarantine. The rest of the team follows a few weeks later and we start living our new normal. Magnetic Me pivots to helping our brick and mortar small businesses with as many resources as we can to help them pivot the new climate, as well as giving parents as much support as we can from our 2 week quarantine head start. The team continues to work remotely designing Spring 2021 from afar and missing each other, as well as our yearly trade shows where we get to see our industry friends to work on great collaborations and new innovations.