Celebrating International Nurses Day


Today is International Nurses Day and we’re celebrating nurses everywhere!

Nurses holding up magnetic fastening baby clothes

Nurses of all stripes deserve big love today – and we want to shine an extra special light on our friends, NICU and CICU nurses. The symptoms are clear and we can’t hide it: we’ve got a serious case of “better together” love with these champions of the tiniest patients."

Nurses love Magnetic Me because our magnetic closures ensure changes are quick and babies stay as warm as possible. Nurses have enough to do without wasting time on a million snaps and they certainly don't need the added stress of catching skin on a zipper. Our magnetic fastening clothes make a nurse's life a bit easier and come in the teeniest sizes: preemie. Many NICU and CICU babies also have wires and tubes, so our perfectly spaced fasteners never interfere with the help these babes need.

"I have been using the Magnetic Me outfits on my primary patient with many tubes and wires. The magnetic outfits have been so helpful in allowing easier access to all her necessary tubes and wires. It’s a bonus that the patterns are fashionable! It helps bring a little cheer and normalcy to the NICU environment!"

- Kelley P., NICU Nurse, Nemours Alfred I. duPont Hospital


“I absolutely love the Magnetic Me clothing for our NICU patients, especially for my primary who has many “accessories,” as we call them. They make it so easy to check and ensure all her lines and tubes are in the correct place without fumbling with snaps or trying to make a zipper work. They allow us to easily assess our babies without waking them up which is especially important in our patient population to allow them to sleep and grow!”

- Catherine Z., NICU Nurse, Nemours Alfred I. duPont Hospital

This year, Magnetic Me was happy to spread the love by donating a year’s supply of outfits to the Nemours Alfred I. duPont Hospital NICU and CICU to honor baby's first outfit milestone. This milestone usually happens at about 4 pounds for preemies and is widely celebrated in the NICU and by NICU families! We’re so pleased that through this donation, every little one served by the hospital this year will receive a magnetic fastening outfit.

Join us in giving a shoutout to all of the nurses. We are so appreciative of your time and work. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for being frontline workers; thank you for connecting with your patients; thank you for caring for our little ones and loved ones.  


Parenting can be hard, but dressing your baby should be easy. There are a lot of baby clothes to choose from, but we make the easiest baby, toddler, and big kid clothes to put on your little ones with our signature magnetic fasteners. Our baby and kids line includes baby outfits starting at the Preemie size. For older kiddos, we offer toddler no-drama pajamas and toddler dresses. And we also have nursing outfits for mama, too (check out our maternity pajamas!).

Our Magnetic Me outfits feature sew safe™ magnetic closures. For nursing moms, babies, and toddlers, the magnets connect quickly and quietly, so you can spend more time connecting with your baby. Our unique baby clothes simplify at least one thing about being a new parent!