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We're excited to announce our partnership with Dani Izzie through sponsorship of her film, DANI'S TWINS. To kick things off, read about Dani's story and the upcoming film from Dani herself. We first met Dani through our mvp Facebook group where she let us know how helpful the magnetic fasteners have been and about her upcoming documentary film. The decision to sponsor Dani's film was an easy one for us and we can't wait to take you along for the ride.


 By Dani Izzie 

My name is Dani, and I became a mom to twins in 2020. I also happen to be a full-time wheelchair user due to paralysis in most of my body, including my hands, which is why I not just love but NEED the functionality of Magnetic Me in my life.
In my second trimester, my husband Rudy and I embarked on documenting my pregnancy and early parenting journey in an upcoming film called “Dani’s Twins.” We opened up our home and personal lives to pursue this passion project (during the pandemic no less) to show the world that motherhood is universal.
But I feel like you wouldn’t know that based on mainstream culture and by the absence of products available to parents with disabilities. There are well over 4 million disabled parents in the United States, but when is the last time you saw a pregnant woman with a disability in a film? On TV? In a magazine? In ads? In stores? How come there is not one single crib on the market for under $3000 that is accessible to wheelchair users or little people?
Chances are you have seen a few stories in the media here and there, but the lack of representation overall might have caused you to believe that we are few and far between, not to mention that many people prefer to hide their disabilities (some are invisible like chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, migraine, and arthritis, to name a few) due to the burden of having to face outdated and stigmatized assumptions that still exist in society.
I was already a fan of Magnetic Me, but imagine how thrilled I was when they partnered with Dani’s Twins film and Rad Angel Productions to help make this documentary a reality and bring visibility to disability issues.
My lifestyle includes some significant challenges, but I am a proud disabled mama, and a competent one, too, despite a society that is pretty perplexed about how I live a normal life and provide care to my girls. Magnetic Me is one of the few companies in the baby products industry that I can name right off the bat that offers a universal product - one that people of all abilities can enjoy and benefit from. Being able to dress my babies is the bee’s knees!
We need more companies to step up and see the value in offering inclusive, adaptive products, not just as one-off publicity stunts, but as ongoing commitment to the pressing needs and wants of a largely untapped consumer market - parents with disabilities! And we are all so thankful that Magnetic Me is taking that one step further to back this film and make a positive impact for disabled women who are considering motherhood.
About the film, Dani’s Twins:
Daniela “Dani” Izzie just delivered healthy twin girls—making her one of very few quadriplegics ever to give birth to twins. Her dramatic and heroic story, showcased through this documentary, will provide a rare, intimate look into the issues of disability, pregnancy, love and perseverance.
While a source of great awe and joy, Dani's pregnancy was fraught with risks—including blood pressure drops and spikes that led to frequent blackouts and threatened stroke. The arrival of Covid-19 added another layer of challenge, particularly menacing for people with disabilities. Despite these ups and downs, Dani displayed unwavering determination throughout her pregnancy to deliver healthy babies and prepare for adaptive parenthood.
Currently in post-production, the film’s disarming story will engage audiences with an unforgettable narrative and will impart a deeper, more nuanced understanding of “ability,” resonating with and positively impacting disabled and non-disabled audiences alike.
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