Pajama Breakdown: What's Best For Growing Babies, Toddlers & Big Kids



grow with magnetic me


Keeping up with baby and kid pajamas—so many size configurations, so many styles—can be a tad bit overwhelming. As parents, we just want our littles to be warm. We just want them to be comfy. We. Just. Want. Them. To. Sleep. 

So, for those who don't have time to research what your baby should be wearing when (who does?) and just want the experts to throw them a bone (that's us), this one's for you. We break down our pajamas and explain what's best when it comes to what to wear at night—from baby all the way to big kid. 

Magnetic Footie

Soft and breathable, these one-piece pajamas come with just about everything you need to keep baby comfortable. The feet are enclosed for added warmth, fabrics are eco-friendly, and magnets line the seam from top to bottom, keeping changes quick (you’ll thank us at 2am). With the Magnetic Footie, there are never any over-the-head changes, and they're for more than just sleep—dress your baby in one of these for daytime and playtime, too.

Best for sizes 0-24m.

Original TwotieTM

A mashup of our magnetic fastening toddler pj top and a footed pajama bottom, the Original TwotieTM is a transitional pj made specifically for growing toddlers. Because it's a two-piece, it provides more give around the belly and is the perfect solution for parents who constantly find themselves accomplishing the impossible of fitting baby into super-tight, snug-fit one pieces. Overhead changes are easy (thanks, magnets!), while parents (and baby) also get the benefit of having footed pajamas at night. 

Available in sizes 9-12m, 12-18m and 18-24m. 

Toddler Pajamas

We call these our no-drama pajamas, and for good reason. With magnets strategically placed at the shoulder, an adjustable head opening means no-fuss dressing and quick, easy changes. Our Toddler Pajamas are a simple solution for easy, independant dressing that allows kids to take charge and a lovely reprieve for parents who endure toddler drama on the regular. Our eco-friendly fabrics are gentle on the skin and snug-fit for safety standards, and good news: they can wear this same style for years and years as a big kid. 

For toddlers and big kids who wear sizes 2T-8Y.