Five Must-Haves For Your Pool Bag


Lightweight layers and magnetic closures to ensure a smooth summer day. 


romper - magnetic me - summer must have


Backyard bbqs, living in bathing suits, sunsets that melt your heart—there's so much to love about summertime. While the kids are having a ball, it may feel like you are in a constant state of packing bags. Pack, get home, unpack, laundry…next day—do it all over again.


We've got a handy list of things to help you keep your cool while you're packing for the fun, sunny days ahead, while you're simultaneously juggling other daily duties—feeding the kids, straightening up, taking TV requests (because how else are you going to pack the bag?).


It's worth mentioning that most of these items have magnetic closures to help you when you're at the pool or in the sand. (Think: easy changes, hats that stay put, easy nursing access.) 


With your bag expertly packed, all of a sudden pool, beach, play, repeat just got a little less stressful and a lot more relaxing. 


baby sun hat - magnetic me - summertime


Sun Hat


Essential for any day trip, our sun hat comes in a floppy, bucket shape with magnetic closures that click the straps together and secure it under the neck. Made of modal, it's soft, lightweight and packs into bags, large and small. Because the straps are also modal, they're super soft and gentle on skin.


baby blanket - magnetic me




Our blanket is soft, breathable, and perfect for on-the-go excursions. Generously sized, it's a place for little pool or beach goers to play and it can also be used for picnics or at sporting events and concerts in the park. Packable in any bag, it's designed to be rolled up or folded for easy transport.


baby romper - magnetic me




Perfect for play, rompers are a quintessential summer one-piece. They have the comfiest fit with nothing tight, nothing constricting—just little arms and chunky thighs exploring in the summer sun. With a swift click of our signature magnets, our rompers open and close oh-so easily down the front—buh-bye post-pool meltdowns in the changing room.


fuss-free coveralls - magnetic me



Fuss-Free Coveralls


Enjoying the summer-day wind down when the temperature dips and the sun sets to a symphony of breathtaking hues? Stick around the pool a little longer, shower the littles there, and change them into coveralls. They're a bedtime go-to in the summer with no footies that give babies the ability to run around barefoot in the comfort of their pajamas.


24-7 tank dress - magnetic me



24-7 Tank Dress


You can rely on our women's tank dress before, during, and after pregnancy, but especially when you're nursing on the go. Its lightweight, drapey style is comfortable beyond words and hidden magnets help with nursing by the pool, at the park, or while watching the waves.