Hospital Packing List: Covid Edition


Here at magnetic me, we're new parents just like you! Our co-founder, Lauren, put together a hospital packing list with everything you need for both parents & baby. But we've also added a few new additions given the coronavirus pandemic:

Before the hospital:

  • Remember to check hospital policies (you can double check with you doctor). Policies are have been changing, so remember to stay up to date (that way you'll feel as prepared as possible).
  • Face coverings for the grown ups - it's possible you'll be required to wear a face-covering, but check in with the hospital to see. It may only be when you arrive and leave to go home), but it'll still be helpful to get more familiar with what it feels like (especially if you're not already used to it).
  • Video chatting practice - test it out before the big day, so that way everything will go smoothly when you need to be focusing on other things ;). 

For the hospital:

  • Tripod (or phone/tablet stand). Likely, visitors will be more limited during this time, having access to a device where you can FaceTime or video-call is extra important
  • Extra long phone & tablet chargers - this one will be extra helpful given all the video-chatting that you'll do with family & friends. 
  • Hand sanitizer - this one's just in case (for back up!). There will likely be a bunch of opportunities to wash your hands, but just in case, you'll have hand sanitizer as back up.

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