How To Prank Your Kid On April Fool's Day


Rosie Colosi, parenting expert & Author of Prank Handbook shares the cleverest pranks guaranteed to outsmart your kids.


Rosie Colosi, parenting expert - Magnetic Me


Stumped when it comes to pranking your kids on April Fool's Day? Don't let one of the most fun days of the year go by just because you can't think of a good prank. 


Do what we do and rely on Rosie Colosi, parenting expert & Author of Prank Handbook. 


Rosie writes and edits children's books, parenting essays with advice about how to survive until bedtime, and articles on empowering women in the workplace and in life. Nothing makes her happier than using her graduate degree in English Literature to write practical joke books for kids.


Here, she pays it forward to prank-deprived parents and lists her top five pranks plus a prank gift that'll keep your big kids occupied for hours. 


We've gotta hand it to her, these pranks are good. 


Top Five Kid Pranks, According To Rosie


1. Pop!

Wondering what to do with all of the bubble wrap from your online orders? Carefully slip bubble wrap inside your children’s pillowcases and under their bedsheets with the bumpy side facing out. When they try to snuggle in, it'll be anything but a silent night!


2. Nailed It!

Whether your kids use regular pencils for schoolwork or colored pencils for fun, dab a little clear nail polish on the tip to stop the pencils from working. Make sure you have a pencil sharpener handy for the inevitable whining that will follow.


3. (Remote) Control

Cover the sensor on your remote control with a small piece of clear tape. When your kids try to sneak in some screen time, the remote won’t work. Let them struggle a bit. You can even suggest they look for new batteries. Sit back and enjoy the chaos.


4. That's a Wrap!

Grab your child’s backpack and gift wrap each and every item. Wrap notebooks, textbooks, pens, packs of gum, water bottles, everything. If possible, put everything back exactly where your child left it. Wait for them to discover the bag full of “presents.”


5. Potty Talk

Fill a baggie about halfway with uncooked pasta or any sort of crunchy cereal. Seal the baggie and tape it to the underside of the toilet seat. Carefully put the toilet seat down but leave the lid up, making sure the baggie isn't visible. Then give your kids lots of juice boxes and wait for the crunch!


The Best Prank Gift


prank book - magnetic me


Rosie's book The Klutz Book of Invisible Boredom Busters is jam-packed with hidden messages, secret codes, games, jokes, and more activities to help bust even the most unbeatable boredom. 


Pro tip: This book is ultimately another prank on them. They get a gift that keeps their attention and you get more time to yourself. (You're welcome.)


To learn more about Rosie and her parenting adventures, follow @writewithrosie.