Introducing The Original Twotie™— Transitional PJs for Growing Toddlers!


We launched a brand new pajama style and couldn't be more excited. Why? Like you, we are parents too and have also experienced the problem so many of you have of dressing and fitting your growing toddlers into super-tight, snug-fit one pieces. As little ones quickly leave infanthood and grow into toddlers on the move, many parents want the benefit of having footed pajamas at night but need the roominess of a big-kid pj. 

So, we created the Original Twotie by combining our magnetic-fastening toddler pj tops with a soft, comfy footed pajama bottom. Because it's a brand new style, we thought you might have some questions, so we went ahead and answered some for you.

How do you pronounce Twotie?

Pronounced too-tee, it's a fun-to-say word combination of two-piece and footie. Say it fast three times: Twotie Twotie Twotie!

What's an Original Twotie

It's a transitional pj made specifically for growing toddlers who wear sizes 9-12m, 12-18m and 18-24m. From top to bottom, it's a two-piece pajama set that combines our magnetic fastening top from our best-selling toddler pajamas with soft, comfy footed pajama pants. 


Who wears an Original Twotie? 

Agewise, the Original Twotie is most appropriate for growing toddlers who are transitioning from the classic footie silhouette to two-piece pajamas and want the benefits of both. They also make dressing easier for parents who struggle to dress their babies in snug-fit onesies but still want to keep piggies warm. And for the parents who aren't ready to give up those cute little footie feet, these are for you too.

What features does the Original Twotie have that other pajamas don't?

There are a few special features the Original Twotie has that you won't see on other two-piece pajama sets! Ever see a baby's belly hanging out of a shirt? The Original Twotie top is longer than most tops to ensure bellies are always covered. Because this style is suited for babies on the move or walking, the bottom of the feet have non-slip grips. Some styles have a waistband that folds up for even more coverage over the belly, and all of our pants have flat elastic for added comfort. 

Where are the magnetic closures located?

Just like our toddler pajamas, our magnetic closure is strategically placed at the shoulder so that the neck opens wide to create a fuss-free opening for a growing noggin. These are also known as “no drama pajamas”!

What is the fabric made of?

The Original Twotie comes in both of our eco-friendly organic cotton and modal fabrics. They're supremely soft and gentle on skin.

Does it adhere to the government's tight-fitting standards?

Yes, it does! However, because the Original Twotie is a two-piece, it naturally provides more give compared to a one-piece pajama. To learn more about this important issue, read here!