Meet Magnetic Me by Magnificent Baby [the next big name in baby clothing]


If you’re looking for the absolute easiest way to dress a baby, then you need to meet Magnetic Me by Magnificent Baby. This new line of premium clothing for infants and toddlers will be your partner in mastering early-morning outfit selection, mid-day wardrobe changes, and late-night diaper disasters.

Made from premium fabrics with innovative features, our stylish selection of baby clothing was designed to meet the real world needs of moms and dads everywhere that want to make dressing their little one easier.

The Magnetic Me Mini-Story

We could swap stories of labor and late nights, feeding challenges and triumphs, and sweet moments that stole our hearts, since all parents have a common connection in the monumental journey that parenthood brings. Through our journey, we found a mission to help parents in all that we do. The concept of Magnetic Me was born from a desire to fulfill this mission by making the process of dressing your little one as simple and stress-free as possible.

After the nightmare of repeatedly trying to slip a onesie over a baby’s head and neck (while softly soothing them with kind words and promises that it will be over quickly), we realized the struggle was real and that baby clothes were poorly designed.

Founders Lauren and Lawrence set out to take their own parenting experience and turn it into a new clothing line that would become the easiest way to dress a baby. It wasn’t just about creating soft, luxurious clothing that looked great, but also felt great to put on a little one.

It is our delight to share this product with parents and babies everywhere that are looking to spend less time fussing over clothing and more time loving, learning, and growing together.

Master the Art of Dressing with Magnetic Me

The Magnetic Me line of baby clothing features magnetic closures to fasten the garment around a baby’s body, instead of forcing the head and neck through a narrow opening. Getting dressed is suddenly simple and stress-free:

1. Open garment

2. Insert baby

3. Close magnets

4. Cuddle and play!

There is a Magnetic Me outfit for every occasion, with all the major categories of babywear represented.

Footies – A versatile piece of baby clothing, the footie is ready for day or night wear with comfortable fabrics and age-appropriate features (like mitten cuffs on NB and 3m sizes or grippy foot treads on sizes 9m and up).

Onepieces – Keeping it all covered in one easy garment is our collection of rompers, coveralls, burrito bodysuits, union suits, gowns, and our SmartSack.

Sets – If you’re looking for a coordinated look with ready-to-wear tops and bottoms or dresses and diaper covers, then check out our sets.

Outerwear – Staying warm shouldn’t be stressful either. Check out our collection of jackets, hoodies, raincoats, and cardigans that will keep baby warm and dry.

Accessories – Because no outfit is complete without a coordinating accessory! Choose from hats, blankets, bibs and more.

The Next Big Name in Baby Clothing

Magnetic Me is changing the way that babies grow up. Instead of chaos on the changing table, getting dressed is now a simple way to start the day or an easy way to end the evening. Spend less time struggling with an outfit change, and more time snuggling your little one.

We invite you to learn more about the features and functionality that make Magnetic Me the next big name in baby clothing.

You can find more information on our design philosophy, take a peek at our most frequently asked questions, or read what people have to say about the absolute easiest way to dress a baby.

Your baby’s journey will be a marvelous one – make it easy with Magnetic Me by Magnificent Baby.