most popular baby names in 2018 [what will you name your baby?]


Move over, Sophia and Jackson. It’s time to start predicting the most popular baby names for 2018.

Will Sophia, the reigning girl’s name of the past several years, continue to top the list?

Will traditional male names like Jackson and Liam (in the number 1 and 2 spots for baby boy names) give way to edgier monikers like Kylo?

The truth is that naming your baby is one of the most exciting and monumental tasks of becoming a parent and you probably have been over the list of most popular baby names a hundred times. You and your partner have spent endless hours exchanging ideas, nixing baby names with bad associations, and dreaming up nicknames and cutesy monikers for your top choices.

Every parent faces this same choice, and each year baby names rise and fall in popularity.

Which baby names will be the most popular in 2018?

It’s hard to say for certain, but if the past is any indication of the future, there is a good chance you’ll be meeting a lot of girls named Emma and boys named Liam by the time your baby goes to kindergarten.

Here are two of the top trends and corresponding predictions for baby names in 2018. Pick a safe bet from these ideas, or spin off your own unique name for your little one.

Baby Name Trend - Vintage Names

Let’s face it:

What’s old is new again.

(Image source: Pinterest)

Driven by nostalgia or the concept of simpler times, anything vintage is gaining popularity – and baby names are no exception.

Last year, names that might bring you back to the early 20th century saw big gains on the list of most popular baby names.

Emma, Charlotte, Evelyn, and Adalyn were all top choices.

For boys, traditional names like Alexander, Jacob, and Benjamin crept into the top 20 while Jackson and Liam topped the list.

So what can you expect for vintage names in 2018?

More of the same.

Classic and simple concepts have as much popularity as ever, and these vintage baby names will likely keep rising.

For girls, consider:




For boys:




Baby Name Trend - Packed with Power

The rise of strong baby names is likely to continue in 2018.

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The tide has turned towards empowering babies at birth with names that speak to strength and purpose. Or emulate strong characters made popular in fiction and movies.

Leia and Kylo, anyone?

It’s true – the Star Wars franchise has inspired parents to name their babies after some of the movies’ most popular characters.

Last year on the list of most popular baby names, Leia moved up 100 spots for girls and Kylo moved up a staggering 2,368 spots for boys.

Movie-inspired monikers aside, names full of strength have been peppered throughout the list of top baby names for several years now.

Which ones will be the top choices for naming a baby in 2018?

We think names for girls may include:




And for boys:




What Will You Name Your Baby in 2018

Will you join the trends or dream up your own perfect baby name?

A popular tool that can help is the online Baby Name Finder.

No matter which name you choose, one thing is certain:

You’ll love your baby more than you could ever imagine.

And while raising a baby isn’t the easiest task in the world, we’re here to help make it simpler.

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