Oh Baby, Baby(list)!


We made the (Baby)list! Checkout all the awesome lists featuring Magnetic Me here. "Gender neutrals"(cheery & bright or black & white), "Best Winter Baby Clothes", "Best Bodysuits", "The Minimalist Holiday Gift Guide", "Winter Baby Registry Items You’ll Use Again and Again", the lists go on and on (literally!). 

Here are just a few of our favorite excerpts: 

For an extra layer of warmth (and an extra layer of cute), add this cozy fleece bear suit to your winter registry. It’s designed to go over your baby’s clothes and is made from Sherpa fleece on the outside and soft, combed cotton on the inside. 

Magnetic Me Tiny Tundra Footie 

This one is a parent favorite because the cute tundra pattern takes you on an adventure, and the soft fabric ensures that your little one is comfortable while they sleep.

Magnetic Me Animal Safari Modal Footie

Magnetic Me Modal Footie - $30.00.

Magnetic Me Modal Footie

Made of supremely soft modal, this footed suit from Magnetic Me is made for quick and easy changes even in the middle of the night. Instead of fussing with snaps or zippers, magnetic closures help you get your baby all bundled up in just seconds. (Because you’ve got a lot of other things to focus on when you bring a newborn home.) The newborn and zero-to-three-month sizes open from the neck to the upper thigh and have mitten cuffs to protect the littlest ones from scratching themselves, and the material is stretchy to last a long time, even with big babies. 

Cover Photo Credit - @carolineaaanders