our bibs are a new baby staple. here's why...


New babies are always wet! Whether it's milk, drool or anything in between, keeping baby dry and clean is mission critical. Our stay-dry wet-catching bibs for newborn to 9 months rock. Here's why...


1. Magnets are your third set of hands.

Picture this... your hands are full with baby, your support pillow, your phone, maybe a remote. Once you are situated with baby in one hand, you can easily put our bib around baby with one hand, because our magnetic fasteners basically close on their own.  We call it an assist!

2. Silence is golden.

You've fed baby and now milk drunk, he's passed out, his bib is soaked and you want to take it off. A velcro bib will startle him awake. A snap bib needs two hands to remove or requires a hard, one-handed tug on a tiny little neck. With a magnetic me bib, you can quietly (and with one hand) slide it right off without disturbing a sleeping baby. Another assist!

3. 2-ply & reversible!

On the go? Need to reuse your bib? Flip it over! Our bib is completely reversible and is 2-ply for extra absorbency. 

4. Earth-friendly fabrics.

Our bibs are either made of GOTS certified organic cotton or 100% biobased Modal (certified by the USDA). It's also machine washable and backed with soft, absorbent terry. Also, we never use AZO dyes, PVC or any other scary chemicals. 

Here's a handy guide for your bib needs.

baby's development  bib needs
0-3M drinks breast milk or formula; has drips, drools & spit ups soft & comfortable; absorbent & waterproof options, easy magnetic closure, prevent rashes with collar to catch milk.
3-6M drinks breast milk or formula; starts teething; has increased volume of dribbles, drools & spit ups absorbent & waterproof options, easy magnetic closure, lots of bibs & burp pads needed.
6-9M begins pureed foods; parent feeds with controlled mess absorbent & waterproof options, easy magnetic closure, bright colors.