Our Nursing Pajamas Are *The Best* For Breastfeeding



Maker of the genius magnetized onesie, we are a leader in innovative baby clothing. Basically imagine a onesie without any difficult to snap clasps or itchy velcro. Instead, magnets, hidden within an eco-fabric material hold the outfit closed. Now we've given birth to another brainchild — magnetic-fastening maternity and nursing pajamas for moms.

“As parents ourselves," co-founder Lauren Levy says in a press release, "we carefully eliminated all the little things that drove us nuts about nursing pajamas and maternity wear. For example, hook and eye closures and buttons require two hands to open and close when you’re holding a hungry, crying baby. Forget about closing them when baby is milk-drunk and asleep, leaving you quite exposed."

The collection comes in sizes small to extra large and includes a long-sleeved top & pant set ($98), nightgown ($74) and robe ($74). Each pj set is made of modal fabric, a moisture wicking material which, as every new mom will tell you, is critical. And the collection comes in a bunch of different colors and prints that you can even, wait for it, coordinate with your baby in MagneticMe’s baby outfits.


The company also nixed the winged sleeve look so many maternity robes sport. While we appreciate the concept of flowing sleeves, the company rightly found the style to be more of a bother than anything and prone to knocking things over.

This collection is on sale now. Shop the collection now!



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