life in quarantine: easter at home


The 2020 Spring holiday season will be different from other seasons - less time spent hanging with family and friends, more time at home with your immediate family. We put together a couple activities to make the time fly by.

design your own lovey 

Step 1: Print out, design, & name your Lovey

Step 2: Snap a picture & tag us @magneticmebaby #magneticmebaby on Instagram*

Step 3: Boom Done! You are entered to win a free Lovey

*please make sure your profile is public so we can see.




stay at home egg hunt

This social distancing egg hunt is a fun activity to stay connected with neighbors & friends, while you and your little ones stay safe.  It's easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1: Invite your neighborhood to join in (just send them the Egg Hunt coloring pages below or the link to this blog for instructions). Also, remember to have a time/day when all the eggs should be finished & posted! 

Step 2: Participating neighbors will print out & color their own eggs. After the eggs are ready, each neighbor will tape their finished eggs up to their window (facing outside) so they can be found.

Step 3: When you’re out on a walk, see how many eggs you can find around your neighborhood!

After all, it's important to social distance but not completely isolate from friends and family. Let's find new ways of building community and new ways of staying connected. 


your friends at Magnetic Me 

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