spread the love: 10 family-friendly ways to spend earth day


There’s truly no time like the present to be more cognizant about our collective lifestyle choices. But on April 22, we’re celebrating Earth Day, 24 full hours we devote to taking care of the planet that feeds us, nourishes us, and helps us flourish! And this year, time spent in quarantine encourages us to get especially creative with how we celebrate. What we’ve learned: there’s so much we can do to fine-tune our everyday behavior, even from indoors or our own backyards. Up ahead, see all the ways we’re spending this Earth Day. Take some notes, then join in on the fun! 

1. Get charitable 

Set aside old baby clothes, toys, or gadgets and create a donation pile that’s ready for charity! 

2. Go on a nature walk

Embracing our surroundings is an essential part of gratitude on Earth Day. Up the ante with a nature walk, and then make it a game—like trying to count all the birds, bunnies or deer you see, or searching for all the primary colors in nature (collect them, and bring them home to make a collage).

3. Start a garden 

You don’t have to have a yard to cultivate a garden! Whether outdoors or in, there’s a number of ways you can begin. Aside from a stunning array of flowers, think about planting things that are useful to you and serve a purpose in your home, like lavender and rosemary to add to cleaning products, or an herb garden in your window--something you can easily pick from when cooking. 

4. Find a New Craft While Recycling + Upcycling!

Earth Day is the perfect excuse for discovering a new craft, and using recycled materials—like cardboard boxes for giant murals, or egg cartons for counting and coloring activities! If you have things like old baby clothes, consider making a mobile for hanging over a crib, or sewing that quilt you’ve been putting off for ages. 

5. Unplug 

When not in use, unplug your appliances. This saves energy in your home, and it’s an amazingly simple way to show your love for the planet. 

6. Keep It Really Clean 

Whenever possible, opt for eco-friendly cleaning products and opt for cloth over single-use paper towels!

7. Put the car in park 

Be thankful for time spent indoors. It means you’re able to keep your car in park, conserving gas and energy, and eliminating pollution! 

8. Clean up your washing methods 

Opt for cold water and line drying your clothes to save energy (and leave the heat function off the dishwasher while you’re at it!). You can even sip the bath every once and a while. It’s OK to be a little dirty! Especially if it’s for a good cause. Skip the bath today and conserve some water. 

9. Be mindful of your product selection  

Choose products that you can re-use, and things that have been consciously made! 

10. Go green!

Embrace any opportunity to explain the importance of eating fruits and vegetables to your kids—within the context of saving the planet, you may be able to increase broccoli intake after all!

There are about a million ways to show your love for the planet this Earth Day. And these 10 will get you started! 



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