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We LOVE Babylist for so many reasons. Our passion is helping new parents ease their way into parenthood by giving helpful tips about the what's and why's of baby clothes. Babylist does that for all things baby. You can learn about cool new products and why you need them (or why you may not). Babylist has awarded Magnetic Me a 2019 Babylist Best Award. Cue the confetti bomb! 



About the Babylist Best Awards:

The Babylist Best Awards are a survey-driven awards program annually recognizing the top 50 parent-approved baby products.

To determine the Babylist Best Award winners, thousands of new parents in the U.S. and Canada answer the question “What are the top three baby products you’d rather not live without?” in an open-text survey.

Babylist analyzes and compiles the hundreds of nominated baby products to recognize the best parent-approved baby products in the industry to simplify the complex world of baby gear for expectant families.

“Parent’s nominations yield insightful results on what baby products they find truly useful, and which brands specifically standout,” said Natalie Gordon, CEO and Founder of Babylist. Of the hundreds of products, the 50 Babylist Best Awardees represent the products and brands parents nominated most.

“The goal of the Babylist Best Awards is to celebrate the best parent-approved baby products in the industry,” said Gordon. “Preparing for a baby is one of life’s most exciting milestones, and one of the most overwhelming. Real parents shared their feedback to help us guide expectant families, and make their product decisions easier.”

To see the entire list of 2019 Babylist Best Award winners, please visit: