why magnetic me baby clothes are this year's perfect holiday gift


Baby’s First Christmas sounds magical, but the reality of baby’s first Christmas can make the most wonderful time of the year feel not-so-wonderful. Schedule changes, travel, and crowds can keep both baby and parents on edge during the holidays.

Visits to Santa, visits to grandma, and visits to public restrooms to change baby can turn Ho! Ho! Ho! into Boo! Hoo! Hoo!.

The gift of a novelty Dollar Store infant Santa suit may cheer up mom and dad, but it isn’t a good idea. Tiny Saint Nick might look adorable in a photo, but baby’s sensitive skin will feel the scratchy, cheap material and inferior clasps may pinch or bind baby. Of course, the infant is screaming on Santa’s lap—that suit is torture.

Tidings of Comfort and Joy

If you want baby and parents to be happy this holiday season, give the gift of Magnetic Me baby clothes. Made from the best and coziest fabric, the hidden magnetic fasteners can help a parent change the baby faster than you can say, “Change da bay bay!”

And the no-over-the-head design means less crying from baby… and parent.

Newborn Essentials

Many parents change the baby’s diapers once every two hours. That’s a lot of diaper changes when you’re tired, or in the back of a car or in a cramped airplane window seat. Making that job easier is the greatest gift you could possibly give.

Magnetic Me baby clothes makes changing a baby a breeze.

The newborn essentials collection has everything a baby needs to sleep comfortably. From footies to gowns to coveralls to smart sacks to 3-piece Kimono sets, all the Magnetic Me baby clothes have an ingenious design to get baby in and out of clothes quickly and easily.

Magnetic Me baby clothes are also fashion-forward and will elicit oohs and aahs from passersby.

The Blue Party Bears Magnetic Footie is a great choice for those fun-loving parents who like to dress their baby in bold prints. The Gray Herringbone Magnetic Footie would be perfect for parents who are on the more conservative side. Baby will sleep soundly in either print.


Needs change as baby gets older. But the need to dress easily never goes out of style. These Magnetic Me baby clothes are for the active baby on the go.

The Playwear Collection makes a much-appreciated gift to the parents of a baby who is out of the fourth trimester. Better yet, give the parent with a newborn something from the newborn collection and something from the playwear collection for baby to grow into.

The Dog and Bone Magnetic Tee Set and the Navy/Green Magnetic Stripe Polo will make any little boy photo-ready. The Kensington Floral Magnetic Swing Dress Set and the Dandelion Fairy Magnetic Tee and Skirt with Leggings will make ever girl pretty as a picture. The White Quilted Diamonds Magnetic Top Set will fool everybody into thinking the baby was born in Buckingham Palace.

Warmer Weather 

Not every baby spends the holidays in a cold climate. The Magnetic Me collection for warmer weather will keep baby cool when the temperature goes up.

Magnetic Me baby clothes take care of baby’s comfort in any situation. After a dip in the pool, baby can cover up with the Blue Terry Magnetic Shortall. The Mermaid Magnetic Dress and Diaper Cover Set will make her the center of attention at brunch. The Chambray Polo Magnetic Romper says baby is ready to play.

Cooler Weather

If the weather outside is frightful then baby’s clothes must be delightful. Magnetic Me baby clothes have all the right gear to keep Jack Frost from nipping baby’s nose.The Navy Cable Knit Magnetic Hooded Coverall will keep any little one warm and toasty. The Smart Little Bears Cream Fleece Magnetic Pramwill make every baby more huggable…if that’s even possible! The Red/Navy Stripe Velour Magnetic Footie will make baby snuggly soft.

Don’t forget the accessories!

The Smart Little Bears Blue Sorbet Fleece Magnetic Hat with matching magnetic booties will keep baby warm from head to toe. Smart Little Bears Cream Fleece Magnetic Mittens and a Smart Little Bears Pumpkin Fleece Magnetic Stroller Blanket will make a stroll on a brisk day feel downright pleasant.

Magnetic Me baby clothes are the perfect holiday gift because they show you care… about the baby… and the parents.