Why Hospitals Trust Magnetic Me


Preparing for the hospital? You'll need to bring a few things. For parents who have extended hospital stays, comfort items from home can make their experience before, during, and after labor more manageable. In some cases, when it involves a stay in the NICU, it can make a world of difference. An important item: outfits for baby. Did you know our outfits are trusted by hospitals? 

They are considered by many nurses as an essential item in caring for their smallest, most vulnerable patients. Unlike other styles of infant clothing, Magnetic Me's patented magnetic technology easily accommodates wires, tubes and medical devices that are commonly used on infants without interfering with medical device functionality.   

Magnetic Me keeps babies dressed completely and comfortably with no pajama alterations needed. Babies and hospital staff benefit from medical checks that require frequent undressing and redressing, as quicker changes allow medically fragile babies to regain warmth in a shorter amount of time.  According to the World Health Organization, the type of magnets we use in our fasteners have no effect on human health and cardiologists confirm that there is also no interference with medical devices.

 Plus, dressing a baby in regular baby clothing (with cheerful patterns) boosts both patient and parent morale. One mother, Heather, talks about how Magnetic Me helped make her experience in the CICU with her son, Adler, more bearable.

"The fabric was soft and the prints made us happy. Getting him dressed helped me regain my sense of being his Mama and being able to care for him. In "regular clothes," he looked like my sweet baby boy and not a hospital patient."


Why medical teams love Magnetic Me

Magnetic Me clothing makes it so easy for me to check on my patient and ensure all her lines and tubes are in the correct place without fumbling with snaps or trying to make a zipper work. They allow us to easily assess our babies without waking them up, which is especially important in our patient population to allow them to sleep and grow!
– Catherine Z., NICU Doctor


I've been using the Magnetic Me outfits on my primary patient. The magnetic outfits have been so helpful in allowing easier access to all her tubes and wires. It's a bonus that the patterns are fashionable! It helps bring a little cheer and normalcy to the NICU environment. 
– Kelley, NICU nurse 


The magnets made care time easier and quicker. The material is soft and silky. Everyone, including staff and family members, said that the prints were adorable.
– Local Philadelphia nurse 


Because Magnetic Me makes life better for staff and patients, several hospitals have reached out to us to find out how they can use Magnetic Me. We've established partnerships with NICU organization Today is A Good Day and donation programs at Nemours Children's Hospital in Delaware, Helen DeVos Children's Hospital and Holland Hospital in Michigan. We've never been so proud to work with hospitals and give back to little ones, and because of that, we have many more meaningful partnerships like these on the horizon, including donation programs to Vanderbilt, Egleston, and many more. Stay tuned for more info on that.

If you or someone you know has an idea for a partnership with a NICU or CICU, please reach out to our team!