Why We Do What We Do: allie's story


Allie's story is one of the reasons for what we do. We strive to help the lives of moms & dads a bit easier. Often, that means dressing a little one a bit quicker with our magnetic fasteners, but it can also mean enabling a mom or dad to help with a task that may otherwise be a challenge. Thank you so much, Allie, for sharing your experience and we're so delighted to partner with you. 

Allie's Magnetic Me Story

I cried myself to sleep the first night home from the hospital with our son. I’ll never forget my husband and I kneeling on the floor over Asher while our postpartum doula showed us how to change a diaper. 

As the youngest in my family, I’d never changed one in my life. The only experience my husband had at changing a diaper was a few hours earlier in the hospital when the nurse suggested that he try again, because it was on backwards. 

Needless to say—we needed help. 

But it was the moment when I watched our doula grab a nightgown from Asher’s drawer and pull it over his head that really triggered me. 

I guess now would be a good time to mention that I’m disabled. I have a rare, undiagnosed disease that’s causing my arms to become paralyzed. I have trouble doing simple, everyday tasks such as eating, showering and driving. I rely on “hacks” scattered throughout my home to help me live as normally as possible without relying on others. 

I don’t have the dexterity required to fasten tiny buttons and closures. So, when I found out I was pregnant, I immediately started searching for baby products adapted for parents with disabilities. Not surprisingly, the options were limited. 

Luckily, there’s Magnetic Me. 

In a world that isn’t made for me, knowing that I can easily dress my son and feel included in the mommy-son bonding experience is massive. I can’t lift him. I can’t bath him. But I can dress him. Magnetic Me gives me the confidence to feel like a good mom.

Apart from the clothing’s many features, it’s one of the only baby products on the market that I don’t have to manipulate to use. 

Save Time, Skip Frustration

It’s surprising how many people warned me about sleep deprivation, but failed to mention how frustrating it is to dress a baby. Words can’t describe the feeling that builds inside you when it’s 3 AM and you’re trying to feed, change and dress a crying baby. I save my sanity and reach for Magnetic Me every time. 

Easy to Use

I was skeptical at first. I assumed the magnets would be tricky and hard to align. But thanks to Magnetic Me’s patented magnetic closure system, the magnets are sewn securely beneath garment plackets, connecting quickly and easily, and giving you back those few precious moments of sleep. 


Quality Fabric

What’s more, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for convenience. Magnetic Me uses premium modal fabric and 100% organic cotton, so I can feel good about the gentle fabric touching Asher’s skin. I personally like the modal fabric, because of its smooth and stretchy texture. It’s easy to slide on Asher and adjusts well to his tiny, wiggling body. 

Shrink Resistant & Non-pilling 

Having a baby means loads of extra laundry. We dress Asher in Magnetic Me at least every other day, so they have literally and figuratively been put through the ringer. I have yet to notice a single instance of pilling, shrinkage or a magnet falling out. All of Asher’s Magnetic Me’s are in the same great condition as when they were opened. 

Add These to your Baby Registry

I added so many of these to my Babylist registry that I can’t believe we didn’t wind up with two of the same pattern. The price point worked well for my friends who wanted to get me something nice without breaking the bank. At one point, I had a friend who gave me a new one each time I saw her  Hint: Giving Magnetic Me will instantly earn you the status of a thoughtful friend

Grandma Approved 

My mother-in-law refuses to use anything but Magnetic Me anymore. My mom said she would dress Asher in something else, but she doesn’t want to dress Asher in anything else. It’s like taking first class - once you’ve experienced the other side, it’s hard to go back. 

Cute Patterns

From cookies to puppies, Magnetic Me doesn’t compromise style for functionality. I wanted to be the one who dressed Asher in his going-home-outfit from the hospital, so I chose a matching Magnetic Me kimono and pants set. Then, since it was December, we added a Magnetic Me fuzzy, blue coat. My heart still melts when I think about how cute he looked. 


I am so grateful for Magnetic Me. Parenting with a disability means there’s no easy part of my day, so knowing that I can easily dress my son without worrying is worth every penny to me. Whether disabled or not, I’d encourage any parent to try Magnetic Me. 

Take it from Magnetic Me, parenting can be hard, but dressing your baby should be easy. Now, if only they’d make diapers...

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