My Magnetic Me Shop

Earn commissions on any sale driven through your Magnetic Me Shop.

How It Works

1. sign up on this page using the same email as your magnetic me click clique account.

2. access your shop by logging into your magentic me click clique account.

3. choose the products you love and share your shop link with your social followers.

4. earn 10% commissions on each sale made through your shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know when I’ve made a sale?
When anyone purchases through your Magnetic Me Shop you will receive an email notifying you that you have made a sale.

When will I receive my commission?
Once you have made a sale on your Magnetic Me Shop, you will receive your commission by the first business day of the next calendar month.

Can I edit the products on my page?
Yes! After receiving your Magnetic Me Shop, you can edit the products on your page by clicking the Edit Products button above the product collections section. You’ll see this button if and only if you are signed into your Click Clique rewards account with the same email you used to sign up for a Magnetic Me Shop.

Can I edit the post images on my page?
At this time, your images will be automatically pulled from your Instagram profile. When you tag @magneticme in future posts, the content will appear on your shop page. For a different hero image, update your Instagram profile picture.

Who should I contact with questions?

Commission and Business Details

Commission type: Percent of sale

Cookie length: 30 days

Credit policy: First click

Base commission: 10%

Payout date: first business day of following month

Terms & Conditions

Links to pages must not be posted on coupon/discount sites, @magneticme social media posts, paid ads, or online forums

Magnetic Me reserves the right to change the details of the My Magnetic Me Shop program at any time

Magnetic Me reserves the right to make judgements on eligible sales at any time

Magnetic Me reserves the right to terminate the partnership at any time

Participation in the My Magnetic Me Shop program does not bind you to Magnetic Me in any way

Magnetic Me will not withhold taxes from your commissions and is not responsible for any taxes that may be owed as a result of your participation in the program