The Stories We Tell: An Extra Special Holiday Partnership With Room To Grow


A Giving Tuesday, Indeed 

For Giving Tuesday this year, we promised our community that with every purchase made on our website that day, we'd donate a children's outfit to Room To Grow, a New York-based organization that supports families with parent coaching, community connections & free baby and toddler items. 

You see, giving back is part of our DNA, and when there's a day that calls us to be charitable, we plan to show up…and then some. 

Well, following a long weekend of shopping sale after sale, you showed up too. Thanks to you and your generosity, we donated over 1,000 pieces of clothing and winter accessories to children and families in need through Room To Grow.

Magnetic Me Ruby Barresi Volunteering Room To Grow


The Partnership Continues…

After Giving Tuesday, we were riding high. We were so proud of our community's contribution and our own donation—and also ready to do more.

On Tuesday, December 6, the Magnetic Me team joined the employees at Room to Grow's center of operations in the South Bronx of New York City. There, we saw the organization's incredible contributions in action, deepened ties with their team, and lent a hand in day-to-day tasks. 

We sorted clothing for Room To Grow's baby boutique, a section of the headquarters where families receive clothing, toys, books, and gear for children up to three years old. We also helped compiled mailers that asked for donated goods.

 Room to Grow - Magnetic Me partnership


More About Room To Grow

For more than 20 years, Room to Grow has provided critical support to families raising babies born into low-income circumstances. Their amazing team has helped countless families by creating a safe space to address the needs facing parents raising children in these earliest years. 

Baby & Toddler Items 

Families pick out clothes, books, toys, and other items for their children.

Parenting Support

Families discuss parenting questions and connect with community resources.

Child Development

Strategies are developed to support their children’s growth and development.
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