become a magnetic me ambassador

Earn Rewards

It’s easy—share your favorite magnetic me outfits on social & earn click clique reward points to use on our website

1 Instagram post

250 points


3 Instagram posts

500 points


5 Instagram posts

750 points



100 points


lifetime limit of 10


200 points



300 points



earn 50 bonus points for referring a friend

to be an ambassador!

How It Works


apply to become an ambassador & sign up for our click clique rewards program


tell your community about magnetic me via your social platforms & tag us to start earning


get rewarded with click clique points you can redeem on our site

What We Like to See

High Resolution:

content should be clearly visible with high-quality images—good lighting & a steady hand is key

purposeful & appropriate

we love seeing our magnetic me products as they are intended to be used & if the background is visible, it must show a safe sleeping environment

tell a story

content that tells a story gets the most engagement—it's best when the product & branding are at the forefront

the magnetic attraction

our community loves to see (and hear) how our magnets work—show them off!

my magnetic me shop


you get 10% commission on each sale made through your shop


your followers get 10% off full price items


add your shop link to your bio + when posting on social


The Rules

  • you must have a clique click rewards account

  • all accounts must be set to public (you can change from private to public within your account settings)

  • do not feature competing brands in your posts

  • tag @magneticme in the instagram post itself (whether it’s a story, feed post, or reel) and in the post caption

  • tag @magneticmebaby in the tiktok video and caption

  • posts must visibly display the @magneticme tag on instagram and the @magneticmebaby tag on tiktok

Terms & Conditions

  • to be eligible for rewards, you must sign up on this page, start a click clique rewards account & follow the post rules above

  • five instagram posts per month will count towards rewards

  • lifetime limit of 10 stories, one story post per day counts towards rewards

  • five tiktok posts per month will count towards rewards

  • magnetic me may use ambassador content for marketing materials, including but not limited to, whitelisting, email, paid ads, website, etc.

  • magnetic me may update the rewards program at any time


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

Apply to become an ambassador here. You must also be a member of our Click Clique rewards program and can sign up here.

How do I get rewarded?

In order to earn points, you must be a member of our Click Clique rewards program. Sign up here.

Tell your Instagram and TikTok community about Magnetic Me and tag us for credit. Please make sure @magneticme is tagged for Instagram, @magneticmebaby is tagged for TikTok and the post guidelines are followed. You will be sent an email once your post has been approved.

When should I expect rewards?

Instagram in-feed posts are rewarded at the end of each month, while Instagram stories, reels, and TikTok posts are rewarded within 2 business days of posting. You will be notified by email once your post has been approved.

What is my reward eligible towards?

You will receive rewards in the form of Click Clique points that can be used towards products on our website.

Can I get rewarded on any other social platforms?

While we encourage you to share on other platforms, we are only offering rewards for Instagram and TikTok currently.

Are Instagram Stories included? What about Reels?

Yes, Instagram Stories and Reels are eligible for rewards.

How do I know my post is valid?

It's super easy: post from a public account and follow the post guidelines listed. The tags must be on the social post itself (Instagram feed photo, reel, story, or TikTok video) as well as in the caption. We are @magneticme on Instagram and @magneticmebaby on TikTok.

Do I get rewards points for referring others to join the program?

Yes! Program members will receive 50 referral bonus points. Both users must be accepted into the ambassador program to qualify.

Who do I contact if I haven’t received my reward or have questions about the program?

For any questions, please contact